FastChecker MMX Parallel SQL Batch Utility

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The FastChecker Utility is a small and reliable software for fast execution of SQL queries againts high performance databases.

The key features of FastChecker are

  • Multithreaded sql batch execution for fast parrallel query processing
  • Small, portable Java application (160kB without JDBC driver) using standard Java 1.5 libraries
  • Robust and thread-safe parallel execution
  • Sample output with adjustable sample size for instant reviewing of invalid records (no separate SQL client required)
  • Intuitive GUI with one-click access to all required information
  • Multi-document user interface lets you start multiple checker instances in one window to concurrently execute several test sequences.
  • Simple and easy understandable test configuration files in plain text format
  • Export to HTML report table and CSV

During the migration of hugh amount of data it is not always advisable to check consistency in the staging area using database inherent integrity constraints. The violation of a foreign key constraint, for example, would prevent the loading of further data into the temporary tables. As a consequence, further tests have to be delayed until a previous constraint is satisfied.

With FastChecker the data is first loaded completely into the temporary tables and then checked against the entire set of test cases. That way, a step-by-step approach is avoided and multiple errors can be detected in one test-development circle, reducing tester-developer interaction and speeding up the entire testing process.

FastChecker supports the following test classes:

  • NotNull tests: Fails, if an attribute contains NULL values
  • Null tests: Fails, if an attribute is not NULL
  • Constraint test: Check, if a single attribute satisfies a certain constraint, e.g. AGE BETWEEN 15 AND 90 or GENDER IN ('M','F')
  • Unique test: Performes a unique test and fails if an attribute contains duplicate values. Also supports combined keys.
  • Foreign Key test: Check, if an attribute contains only values from a parent table attribute. Also supports combined references.
  • Business Logic tests: Arbitrary SQL statements that identify invalid records. These tests basically represent the business logic in the respective information system, i.e. certain record constellations that involve multiple attributes, tables, views, or database links.

For further inquiries on FastChecker please feel free to contact me. See Contact for details.